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hi, sorry to bother you all th [...]

Sudip Basnet
- 10/20/2020 16:38:04

sorry to bother you all this late. I confirmed an bank invoice/statement mentioning the salary from Sagar Group, with very few details on my salary, it just consists of my salary earnings on the months but what about the rest of details. since January I have been issued with just bank statement of my earnings of months, but what about my dedications details, overtime(maybe) and other details.
Before erp 13 it was very convincing for me to receive the salary sheet beforehand of salary date.

But now, I got an question ! but what about the salary sheet, has it become compulsion for us to knock on your(HR) door every month to receive details, I don’t feel comfortable doing so. If there is an issue why aren’t I/we informed beforehand, I am not free and comfortable to query every month regarding same query!!!

How does the management team and HR manager sees this action, again I don’t know about rest of employees but I personnel don’t like the manner of knocking the HR door just to see my details on deductions and earnings.
As per my last mail with HR manger I don’t see any improvements on providing employees with detail salary sheet beforehand the salary deployment date. Is the task of providing employee with salary sheet beforehand salary release task impossible?, how can we help?? Try us!!

Hoping I don’t have to knock on HR door every time just to know my salary details. 

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