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Who We Are

Mind of more than 25 years’ experience people are behind this brand, who never compromise the quality and technology. We are a company representing products based in Texas, USA. These products are renowned for their extensive research, quality, and personal mobility. Backed with collaboration with industry biggies, these products are manufactured in Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, South Korea & Japan. After that rich experience of working with industry experts from across the world, the products pass every quality and standard checks in flying colors.

Our Values

Social Values 

xLab’s Values are the foundation of our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. We live, breathe, and act by our values and use these as the guidepost for every decision we make. Our values are: initiative, respect, passion, expertise, balance, teamwork and innovation.


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In the era of drawing publicity out of even the charity work, we believe in helping the needy hands without even expecting a thank you in return. Helping without any credits is what we take pride in. To name a few, we work towards removing “under” from under-privilege; scholarships to the deserving and collaborating with the right people.

Our Commitment 

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If we are to build a truly inclusive society where everyone is respected and valued, we need to speak up, listen to and learn from one another and take meaningful action. We have made a commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion, equity and belonging. At xLab, we have always sought to build a culture that is open and inclusive, where all perspectives are valued, and our colleagues representing different nationalities can find a real sense of belonging.